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Exam Organisation WS 2021/22


The Corona pandemic continues, although progress in the vaccination campaign is showing signs of improvement. Nevertheless, winter term 2021/22 is still characterized by great uncertainties regarding the further development and possible restrictions regarding hygiene and distance requirements.

In order to give students a reliable perspective on exam planning and to avoid back and forth on exam modalities, exams in winter term 2021/22 will generally be conducted as open-book exams in take-home format.

Deviating from this, smaller courses for which the chair ensures that it is possible for all participants to write the exam in-person may be conducted in attendance. These exams are organized by the respective chair.

Academic Integrity in Open Book Exams and Consequences of Cheating

Open-Book exams must be completed independently and without the help or participation of others. During an exam, the candidates' own examination files may not be made available to or passed on to other persons. However, the use of aids such as literature, scripts, sets of slides or own notes is permitted during open-book exams.

Cooperation with other persons during an open-book exam violates academic integrity and is deceptive. The corresponding exam is rated as "failed" (5.0) and will be flagged as "deception".

Please note:
The Examination Board for Economics Exams has determined that in case of deception the transcript "List of passed Credit Courses" will no longer be available for affected students from winter term 2020/2021 on.

In the case of severe or repeated cheating, students may also be excluded from taking single or all further exams in accordance with § 30, paragraph 3 of the applicable examination and study regulations; in the latter case, the student will be de-registered in accordance with Art. 49, paragraph 2, no. 3 BayHSchG

Exam Registration

To be able to take a take-home exam as well as an in-person exam, students must register for the respective exam in LSF.

Please note: It is not possible to take an exam without registering!
Exam registration and deregistration deadlines have been significantly extended.

Organization and Procedure for Take-Home Exams at a Glance

  1. Please register for the exams you plan to take as usual via LSF.
    Please note: Students must register in LSF in order to participate on a take-home-exam. Participation is not possible for students who are not registered.
  2. The exam will be sent encrypted and password protected to your LMU-campus-email address at least 30 minutes before the exam will begin. The password to open the exam will be disclosed right at the beginning of the exam processing time in Moodle (registration key: isc).
    Please note: Please ensure that your LMU-campus-mailbox is not full and that you can receive emails.

    To prevent performance-problems and delayed email receipt, it is essential during the exam period to deactivate automatic forwarding of your LMU-campus-mailbox to external email addresses (for help see LRZ).

    If, despite having registered for the exam, you have not received an exam 30 minutes before the start of the exam, please contact the ISC Technical Exam Support via Zoom (staffed 30 minutes before the exam until 30 minutes after the end of the exam)
  3. Open and process the exam within the specified handling time.
    Please note: A PDF program is required to open and edit the exam files; see technical requirements.
  4. Only machine readable entries (=keyboard) entered into the input fields will be graded; the use of digital pens is not allowed.
  5. To prevent loss of data in the case of a power failure or a system crash, remember to save your work at regular intervals.
  6. At the end of the processing time digitally sign the exam in Acrobat Reader which locks the input fields before the exam is submitted. Attention: After the exam has been signed, further changes to the exam cannot be made!
  7. A time extension of 15 minutes is given to technically conclude and submit the exam. This means that an exam with a processing time of 60 minutes must be submitted no later than 75 minutes after the exam has begun. Attention: Exams which are turned in late will not be corrected or graded.
  8. Unless otherwise indicated on the exam, upload the exam to the submission postbox:

Documentation, Instructions and Links

Test Exam

You can play through and practice the whole process with a general test exam.

The password to open the test exam is available on Moodle (registration key: isc).


During exams, technical exam support is available via Zoom.

Support is available from 30 minutes before the start of the processing time until 30 minutes after the end of the processing time.

Meeting-ID: 994 9731 9980 – Passwort: 626278

Phone: 0049 30 5679 5800 – Meeting-ID: 994 9731 9980 – Passwort: 626278

Exam Passwords